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3M- Polishing system

The 3M- Polishing system is a process which is used to restore the original look of the car. It further supports a long-lasting gloss effect. With the help of the right technique, the knowledge, specialized equipment, skilled personnel and high-quality material we are able to solve difficult tasks.


We are one of three workshops in Pomerania which offer a guarantee for all kinds of car body repairs that are made with the help of SPECTRAL- technology. We provide a guarantee for the period of 3-5 years, depending on the technique used.


For our repairs we use the best paint on the market. The painting process takes place in a dust-free cabin. Our paint is mixed with an advanced system of the experienced company SPECTRAL. This system enables us to get around 50.000 colors via recipes.

  • Vehicle polishing
  • Waxing
  • 3M- Polishing system
  • Cavity maintenance of chassis
  • Breakdown service
  • Car upholstery cleaning (velour, leather)
  • Car light polishing
  • Rim painting
  • Cost estimate for insurance companies
  • Vehicle renewal (original appearance, original structure of paint layer, high-class gloss)
  • Replacement vehicle for entire repair duration